Services we offer

Our approach is owner managed. Darren or Jaco is available directly on their mobiles to listen and solve any issues raised.

Staff members are coached and supervised all the time using unique tracking and monitoring software.

We don’t mess around. We want the job done as quickly as possible!

Vacation Pool Care Service

If you’re away for a while with no one around to take care of the pool, or you’ve got visitors staying over, we offer a short term maintenance management service.

Green Pool Solutions

Green pools are tough to sort out. Some take a couple of days, others take 3 weeks. We take a scientific approach based on testing water samples as we progress. There is no magic solution, but we’ve done this many times over, and get it right as quickly as possible.

Regular Pool Maintenance Services

We offer a standard maintenance service on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. We follow a 12 point check list, and send an sms or email after each visits detailing any issues.

Equipment Repair

We offer a repair service for Zodiac Clearwater chlorinators, most brands of pumps, pool cleaners, and other associated pool equipment.

Commercial Pool Services

City Pools offers pool service expertise to commercial clients including guest houses, insurance providers, schools, residential body corporate, hotels and hospitals.