We supply and install a premier range of new equipment and spare parts for most of your pool requirements.

If we don’t have it, we’ll get it for you!

Automatic Pool Cleaners

We stock and supply the Zodiac Baracuda range of pool cleaners. The models available are proven for different types of pools. We’ll talk through your requirements and offer a pool cleaner solution that works! We have demo units of several models of pool cleaner for you to try before you buy. For further information of the range available from Zodiac, please use the link www.zodiac.co.za

Salt Water Chlorinators

The Clearwater range of manual and self cleaning chlorinators available from Zodiac have a proven service record, an unfussy warranty policy, and an excellent service team that will visit and problem solve on site. We’ve installed Clearwater chlorinators at schools, apartment blocks, hotels, guest houses and private residences. Each requirement is unique, and with the experience of our service team, and the product back up from Zodiac, we’re sure to find the right solution for you.

Pumps & Filters

The pump and filtration system is the most important part of your pool. Whether you’re after a pump & filter for a new pool, or a replacement for an existing pool, we have a proven range to choose from. We also supply energy efficient variable speed pumps that save electricity and run very quietly.


The Bioguard range of specialist chemicals offer a solution for normal maintenance requirements through to solving pool problems such as metals staining, green pools or general clean ups. We also stock the 2Ten range of chemicals offering an alternative solution to your unique pool need.

Pool Nets and Covers

We offer pool safety covers, covers to heat up the water and keep dirt out, and leaf nets. For specialist solutions we are agents for Power Plastics, and can provide a specific solution for you. Please refer to www.powerplastics.co.za

General Accessories

From leaf rakes and nets to vacuum brushes, leaf skimmers and catchers, weir baskets and lids, we stock a range of most of what you need. If we don’t have it, we’ll get it for you!

Filter Sand & Salt

Our filter sand is a pure silica with a 1mm diameter. Our sand has no clay residue, and is quality controlled to ensure the best filtration possible. Our salt is produced from pans in Veldrif. Marine salt has lower metals, and less contaminant than salt quarried from underground sources. We stock both products in store.

We can deliver to your home free of charge for a minimum order. Please discuss with the shop staff for details